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Our Company

Saveto Egypt is one of the leading manufacturer of dry mixed cement based building and finishing materials in Egypt . Saveto Egypt is established in 2003 by Saudi Vetonit Co .Ltd , the largest manufacturer of the cement and gypsed dry mixed buiding and finishing materials in Middle East and Gulf region with 25 years of experience.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to serve the global building needs of our clients by becoming the most efficient cement based dry mixed building and finishing materials in Egypt and to provide our valued customer with quality service that is cost effective . highest quality . and be recognized as leader in our business. Partners not suppliers is our main believe while working with our valued clients , we are not only listening to our clients but we involve them in the creation and refinement of our products and services to realize the many advantages of the most versatile building and finishing materials.

  • Our Vision

    To become the market leader in the dry mixed building and finishing materials in Egypt Motivate personnel for career development and advancement .

  • Our Values

    Professionalism , ethics and integrity
    Commitment and team work .
    Recognition and growth of individual and respect for human dignity .
    Encourage leadership , initiative and innovation .
    Continues improvement in all aspects of our business .
    Maintain customer care on daily business .
    Maintain our environment clean .>